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Height 6’1

Eye Color Brown

Hair Brown

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Agent: ID İletişim


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Ibrahim Celikkol Filmography



2012: Fetih 1453 as Ulubatlı Hasan

2014: Sadece Sen as Ali


2018: Muhtesem Ikili as Mert Barca

2017: Siyah Beyaz Ask as Ferhat Aslan

2016: Kördügüm as Ali Nejat

2016: Seddülbahir 32 Saat as Mehmet Çevus

2014: Reaksiyon as Oguz

2013–2014: Merhamet as Firat

2011: Iffet as Cemil

2010: Keskin Biçak as Mithat

2010: Karadaglar as Gül Ali Karadag

2009: M.A.T. as Sinan Atalay

2008 Pars: Narkoterör as Samil Baturay



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Ibrahim matured with many life lessons and today he is one of the most beloved actors in Turkey and has huge following worldwide. He is a simple and very private man who loves his job and enjoys the outdoors and animals very much, especially dogs. He loves his wife, family and rarely gives interviews but he is active on Instagram if you would like to keep abreast of his news. 


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About Ibo

Beyond Fandom

Ibrahim Celikkol is a Turkish TV Series & film actor, former basketball player and fashion model. He loves nature/outdoors, sport and music. He was born on Valentines Day, 14 February 1982, in Izmit, Kocaeli, Turkey. His maternal family is of Pomak origin and they emigrated from Thessaloniki, Greece. His paternal family is of Arab descent. Ibrahim quit basketball after his father passed at the age of 18. He said in an interview that it was his father who led him to basketball. After the demise of his father, it made him uncomfortable and emotional to visit the basketball court and not see his father. He added it was better that he leaves the field. 


Ibrahim is also known as Ibo to family and friends and he is protective and sensitive about his family. He grew up in a family where women were dominant in ratio to the men in the family. He said one of his biggest accomplishments was buying a house for his mother and sister. He married Mihre Mutlu on 25 May 2017 in a traditional Greek marriage ceremony. The marriage was a closed affair and only family were invited. 

He worked as a professional model before he started acting. Ibrahim had been approached by a modeling agent twice before, he decided to try his luck when he found the agent’s business card in his jacket. He did his first catwalk for the brand Vakko. He quit modeling after 6 years and started a textile business which he had learned during the modeling days. He is passionate about leather jackets and owns various colours of them.


One day, he accompanied a friend for an audition of the series Pars Narkoterör. When Osman Sinav saw Ibrahim in the audition hall, he requested that Ibo wait and then gave him the text to study. To his surprise, a month after the audition, he was offered the role. The beginning of his career in the acting field was not a walk in the park. He received a lot of criticism and was called “wooden” and also “a handsome man without talent”. It discouraged him from pursuing his career as an actor. However, when he heard about the historical movie Fetih 1453, he took a brave step and approached Farok Aksoy for a role. His thoughts before ending his acting career was ‘let’s stick the Turkey flag on the top as done by the character of Ulubatli Hasan in the movie’. 


Faruk Aksoy gave him a scene to prepare before he was auditioned. To his surprise once again, he was announced as Ulubatli Hasan in the presence of 300 people. The shooting of Fetih 1543 started in 2010. It took 3 years for the project to complete due to intense training and choreography.


His career took a new path towards success after Fetih and from there he began to shine as an actor. He rose to fame with the character Gül Ali Karadağ in Karadağlar and Cemil in Iffet. He won the audiences and critics over with his acting skills in these new roles. The word “wood” was replaced with “He is a natural actor.”  He was highly praised for the role of Cemil. In late 2017, his character Cemil, where Ibrahim plays the protagonist and antagonist of the series, received the biggest appreciation from Argentina and Latin America.


His career spread further positivity with Fetih 1453 which was released in 2012.  A movie based on fictionalized events surrounding the Conquest of Constantinople (now known as Istanbul) to the Ottoman Turks during the reign of Sultan Mehmed II. Fetih 1453 received huge praise from the critics and audiences. The movie earned $61.2 million at the box office, with the highest budget for the movie being $18.2 million and so it was declared a Blockbuster. The Turkish platform “Tum Filmler Seyirci Rekoru – Ilk 100” announced in 2018 that Fetih 1453 was the 4th most watched movie in Turkish history.


Firat Kazan in Merhamet is not an unknown name to audiences. In the year 2013, Ibrahim Celikkol played a charming, romantic and intense guy, a role that he had never done before. Firat was a new development for his acting skills. He wanted to portray Firat differently, so he played Firat with a hoarse voice. He said he wanted the voice to come out differently between the young and mature Firat. The series Merhamet has been dubbed in more than 10 languages to date and sold to other countries. After the movie Sadace Sen, Ibrahim attended a workshop in Los Angeles to improve his acting skills and to learn foreign languages. He spent almost 2 months learning in LA. He then went on to do other popular series like Reaksiyon, Seddülbahir 32 Saat and Kördüğüm.


In October 2017, the role of Ferhat Aslan brought him worldwide recognition. He was hugely loved by the audiences for his character in Siyah Beyaz Aşk. He portrayed the role of a dark, seemingly heartless hit man effortlessly. His acting skills where reflected in the role. He threw himself into the role giving it his all and the show ended up being one of his longest running series. The international fan following was almost bigger than the Turkish following and the show continued to break records on social media, taking first place every week for Twitter, etc. Ibo soared to stardom further after taking on the role of Ferhat Aslan. Ibrahim loves action and prefers to challenge himself and it’s one of the reasons why he chose to act in the series Muhtesem Ikili in 2018.



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