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Habib Heydari artist, teacher

@IG @habib.paint2016

Qazvin, Iran

Birce Akalay and Ibrahim Celikkol

Habib Heydari artist, teacher

@IG @habib.paint2016

Qazvin, Iran

Demet Ozdemir

EVIM Official Photoshoot

 from IG @ibrahimcelikkol41




Tata Shmarina artist

@tatashmarina IG  

@Tata80670514  twitter


Thunder by Canadian fan.

Rita Terracciano

  Siyah Beyaz Ask - Opinion piece by Saintlyn Layug Morrone 

"The love of Ferhat and Asli is impossible.  Like the love of fire for the sea, like black and white and the sun for the moon". Siyah Beyaz Ask (Price of Passion).  A story of a doctor who devoted herself to saving people lives encounters a cold-blooded killer with a wounded past. Will their love be able to surpass each other fate?  A Turkish romantic drama premiered on Oct. 16, 2017 and ended on May 28, 2018.  Its been two years but the story still vivid on our memories.  The story that brought a lot of lesson in life, love, family, friendship, hatred, betrayal, greediness.  A love story that shows that even the darkest shade of color can be illuminated with the lightest string of light.  That even a devil can fall in love with an angel.  That hatred can turn into love.  A spectacular, superb, sublime story-line that the writer that was never missed by viewers.   The heart and the passion in their work paid off.  Eyvallah.
Ibrahim Celikkol (Ferhat Aslan), and Birce Akalay (Asli) gave us a remarkable, sensational, noteworthy, astounding, wondrous, amazeball, out of this world acting performance that I myself never saw in any other actors even in Hollywood.  The passion for their roles are overflowing. The word "Intense" is at its highest level.  Every episode will hit you hard to the point of craving more.  Along side with the other cast Muhammet Uzuner (Namik) and Arzu Gamze Kilinc (Yeter) they delivered a highly recommended show that can be graded as +A in all categories.  Even the music they used was ear catching.  Indeed SIYAH BEYAZ ASK is a story that you can add in your BOOK OF LIFE.   A BLACK AND WHITE LOVE.... 


Theme Song from Siyah Beyaz Ask played by MaithamMK


Ibrahim Celikkol with his nephew enjoying some art time together



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